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EPH is a Transformational Training and Publishing Company which has proven that Good  Health, Massive Success and Effective Leadership are directly linked to applied Knowledge and Practical Wisdom. She is determined to change the destinies of people through her down-to-earth Trainings, Seminars and Books.

Eph is committed  to turning followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change.  She helps companies and organizations in the training of their sales teams in the right attitude, selling and communication skills as well as training managers to become competent leaders who will consequently raise other leaders.  EPH also helps entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs to stand out in the competitive business world. 

Eph is determined  to continue in positively influencing the lives, health, finances and destinies of people, for maximum impact and true self-discovery/mastery. Until people master themselves; they cannot master anything else - not the society, not their works and certainly not their lives. Private victory precedes public victory. Let's start the journey of greater tomorrow today through EPH Inside-out approach.  EPH is ready to drive you along. There is always a GUARANTY FOR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.  


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 EPH Courses   

Motivational Courses

Success 801: The Fundamental Principles of Success in Life, Business and Career.

Success 802: Attitude is Everything in your journey to Success

Success 803: The Role of Character and Self-Discipline in Success Journey

 Team Building and Leadership

Leadership 801: The Fundamental Principles of Leadership/Habits of Effective leaders

Leadership 802: How To Develop A Winning Team through Effective Leadership.

Leadership 803: Developing Other Leaders: An Inside Out Approach

 Investment Courses

Investment 801: Harness the Power of Wealth and Make your Money Work Harder and Faster For You

Investment 802: Start a Business and Duplicate the Effort in Building Other Businesses.

Investment 803: Synergize your Investments.


EPH has over 80 books and 4 magazines.

EPH means Empowering People Higher

EPH: Brings Out The Genius and The Leader in You

EPH Business Network Ltd. provides many types of customer facilities to ease the pressure of building your business and command increase in your earning potential.


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