EPH: Brings Out The GENIUS and The LEADER in YOU.


1. WHAT IS EPH? EPH means Empowering People Heavenward.

EPH Communications Limited was registered in Nigeria in 1999 to do business in all forms of communications, publishing, marketing and public speaking. She started with the direct selling of books and magazines to travelers at bus stations and grew into having many distributors nationwide. EPH has over 80 books and 4 magazines. EPH Business Network Ltd. was register in 2014 to expand into Training, Business Building and Network Marketing.


2. WHAT DOES EPH MARKET? Eph sells her own published books, magazines, seminars and Leadership Trainings as well as help her Partners/Leaders to set up their businesses under EPH. For her Network Marketing, EPH has chosen EPH Executive Leadership Training as her major product to be able to bring out the GENIUS and the LEADER in every client.

 Leaders/Partners earn 20% commission on the sale of any training, seminar or non-school books.

Here are other products and services apart from our books and magazines.

EPH Seminars and Training

1. Wealth Creation Seminar

2. Investment Seminar

3. Business Seminar

4. Personality Development Seminar

5. Love and Marriage Seminar

6. Children Development Seminar


3. IF I JOIN EPH BUSINESS, WHAT WILL I BE DOING? First, you will start receiving lessons on SUCCESS, LEADERSHIP, BUSINESS, NETWORK MARKETING and TEAM BUILDING to prepare you for the realities in the business world.  You will make a list of 100 people you know especially those on WhatsApp. Then send EPH promotional materials to them. Follow up. Keep adding to your list, the more you are rejected the closer you are to being accepted. Don't allow the mockery and the ridicule associated with this business stop you from your destiny of becoming a billionaire in few years. Just 4 people in your first month. Be patient, there is no penalty even if it take you up to 3 months, but it is important  you get the right people into your business.


4. IF STAGE 1 LAST FOR 3 MONTHS, HOW MANY MONTHS DO OTHERS LAST? Other stages can last from one month to 6 months depending on the partner's/leader's seriousness. Those who start working from their first month will realise that the entire course can finished in less than 3 years. EPH believes that it is better to under promise than to over promise, hence she advertises 5 years. Those who start working early can finish stage 1 in two months or less.


5.  WHAT IS THE TOTAL NUMBER OF PEOPLE I SHOULD BRING INTO MY BUSINESS TO EARN THE ONE BILLION NAIRA/$4.4 MILLION? Every partner/leader is expected to bring a total of 34 GENIUNE people into his/her business to be considered ACTIVE and earn the one billion/$4.4 million. The earlier a leader begins to work towards this the better and  faster he/she will earn the money. Most importantly, He/she will inspire his team of 20 leaders to do the same. That is the essence of leadership - LEADING BY EXAMPLE.

6. WHAT IF I START WORKING FROM STAGE 1, SHOULD I STILL WAIT TILL 6 MONTHS TO EARN THE N200,000? No! What we do is to pay active people as soon as they qualify for payment instead of waiting for the stipulated months. SO, HOW DOES ONE QUALIFY FOR PAYMENT? Once a person registers and introduces 1 person, he shall be paid $90 / N20,000. By the time he has 4 people personally sponsored by him, he will be paid $222 / N50,000. Again, if the partner has a total of 20 people in his team, including the 4 he personally introduced, he shall be paid the remaining N130,000.


7. WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE ACTIVE?  It takes selling EPH Executive Leadership Training or its equivalent to a minimum of 4 people at every stage apart from Stage 2 which requires a minimum of 6 persons  to be considered active. Active leaders have the potentials of attracting active people too, so they will naturally qualify for ULTIMATE INVESTMENT TRAINING and the $2,177,778 / N490,000,000 attached. Hence, we recommend that every partner/leader start from 1st week to practice the selling of EPH Executive Leadership Training or its equivalent. By starting to practice on time what you are taught, you will secure the future of your business with EPH and leave nothing to chance. We advise again, that you should never sell this Training to unqualified people, your family members and friends who are not willing to pay the PRICE of Success  or another YOU in a different name because EPH will surely find out and you will lose what you have worked for.


8. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR A PERSON TO BE INACTIVE? It takes a total of nine months of not selling EPH Executive Leadership Training to 4 persons to be declared INACTIVE. To become active again he/she has to sell EPH Executive Leadership Training or its equivalent to 8 people in 3 consecutive months or less.

For more on EPH Executive Leadership Training and its Equivalent https://ephbusinessnetworks.com/business.aspx

EPH Business Network Ltd. provides many types of customer facilities to ease the pressure of building your business and command increase in your earning potential.


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