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EPH is a Transformational Training and Publishing Company  which has proven that Wealth, Success and Leadership are directly linked to applied Knowledge and practical Wisdom. She is determined to change the destinies of people through her down-to-earth Training, Seminars and Books.

Eph is committed  to turning followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change.  She helps companies and organizations in the training of their sales teams in the right attitude, selling and communication skills as well as training managers to become competent leaders who will consequently raise other leaders.  EPH also helps entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs to stand out in the competitive business world. 

Eph is determined  to continue in positively influencing the lives, health and destinies of people, for maximum impact and true self-discovery/mastery. Until we master ourselves; we cannot master anything else - not the society, not our work and not our private lives. Private victory precedes public  victory. Let's start the journey of greater tomorrow today through inside-out approach.  EPH is ready to drive you along.

Here are the 2 major Business Opportunities you can benefit from in EPH

1)    Traditional Distributorship of School and Non-school Books/Training and Seminars

2)     Network Marketing/Multi-level Marketing distributorship of Books/Training and Seminars


EPH Transformational Leadership Training

This is a one-year online/offline training.  It has 6 distinct courses that can be done from the comfort of your home. It is a systematic coaching that will gradually transform you into a billionaire in less than 10 years. It does not restrict your choice of business, career or investment, but it teaches you how to build a Sustainable Synergistic System that will accelerate your journey to becoming a billionaire. The 6 Courses are drawn from Stage 1 and Stage 2 of EPH Executive Leadership Training  https://ephbusinessnetworks.com/business.aspx1.  The Offline Training is optional, the ticket is valid for 2 years. This means that you can still attend  the Stage 1 and Stage 2 offline training even after your online training is ended. You are also entitled to a one year mentorship, which can be renewed yearly at a fee until you have become a billionaire. Register with only  $150/N50,000. Below are the 6 Courses. They can also be done separately. Each is N3,000 Online, N8,000 Offline, Together N10,000.

1.   How to Take Control of your Financial Life  

a)  The Fundamental Principles of Success

b)  Attitude is Everything in your journey to Success

c)  The Role of Character and Self-Discipline in Success Journey


2.   How To Transit From Management To Leadership

a)  The difference between management and leadership

b)  The Characteristics of successful leaders

c)  How to evaluate your progress as a leader


3. How To Develop A Winning Team Through Effective Leadership

a)  How to select the right players for your team

b)  How to create a Winning Attitude, develop trust and credibility

c)  How to influence and inspire your team


4. How To Develop Other Leaders

a)  Leading from inside out: Leading by Example

b)  How to communicate with, empower and equip your leaders

c)  How to delegate effectively


5. Principles To Set You Apart As A Successful Entrepreneur

a)  How to leverage your  talent, time, energy and resources

b)  How to win more customers, multiply them and keep them for life.

c)  How to get a high return on your investment


6.   Increase your Customer Base and Profitability

a)    Build a solid pipeline for harnessing customers

b)    Get your customers to sell for you as well as buy again and again

c)    Train your sales team using leadershipprinciples. 

EPH Executive Leadership Training   https://ephbusinessnetworks.com/business.aspx

This is a 5-year Training Program with a total of 28 Courses, 6 of which constitute EPH Transformational Leadership Training Courses. It can be done from the comfort of your home and it puts no extra pressure on your already existing schedules. It provides you with an Already-Made Business System, Fully Automated, that will help you become a billionaire faster than ever.

EPH wants you to embrace life again. You can still do much even at age 70. Don't die with your gift/potential, let EPH help you discover it and serve it to the world. Let the world hear your song. You were created for MORE; to influence your world. Let's get started.

EPH wants you to embrace life again. You can still do much even at age 70. Don't die with your gift/potential, let EPH help you discover it and serve it to the world. Let the world hear your song. You were created for MORE; to influence your world. Let's get started. $200/N45,0000. 

ONE YEAR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE FOR EPH EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP TRAINING:  EPH will return the N45,000 EPH Executive Leadership Training Fee to any leader who has undergone EPH Executive Leadership Training Stage 1 Courses without success for a period of one year ON REQUEST. 

Other Training/Seminar

1.    How To Bring Out The Genius in Children  (N3,000 Online, N5,000 Offline, Together N7,000)

2.    How to Write, Publish  and Profitably Sell your Book. (N3,000 Online, N5,000 Offline, Together N7,000)

3.    Natural and Divine Healing Secrets: Why you should be in Perfect Health.  (N3,000 Online, N5,000 Offline, Together N7,000)

4.    Reach the Top Faster through Effective Leadershi.  (N3,000 Online, N8,000 Offline, Together N10,000)

5.    Professional Sales Training

Your salespeople will learn new techniques and strategies to increase their productivity, close more sales, and increase sales revenue. We have 2 Stages in our Sales Training:

Stage 1 Course Outline: ( 2 day Course )  (N6,000 Online, N20,000 Offline, Together N25,000)

  • Developing the right attitude and self-image
  • Understanding the Sales Process/Benefit Selling

·         Prospecting Fundamentals: Tools, Leads and Referrals

·         How To Make Effective Sales Presentations and Sales Calls

·         Discovering  and Understanding Your Prospects' Needs

·         The ten things salespeople do that buyers hate most

·         Handling Objections and Excuses professionally

Stage 2 Course Outline: ( 2 day Course )  (N10,000 Online, N30,000 Offline, Together N35,000)

  • Developing the right Communication Skills

·         Position your product/ service as your prospect’s best choice

·         Uncover your prospect’s hidden concerns/lowering his defenses

·         Professional techniques of Closing Sales

·         How to get your customers to brag about you to everyone they know

·         Managing your sales pipeline

·         Managing key accounts

·         Time management and organization

For EPH Executive Leadership Training and our Network Marketing opportunity, click here  https://ephbusinessnetworks.com/business.aspx

EPH has over 80 books and 4 magazines.

EPH Business Network Ltd. provides many types of customer facilities to ease the pressure of building your business and command increase in your earning potential.


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